Enrichment & Extracurricular Programs

In addition to the core curriculum, our school provides a range of enrichment & extracurricular programs.

Bike Education & Traffic Safety

The school operates a Bike Education Program for students in Year 5 & 6 on a biennial basis. This involves intensive road safety and bicycle riding activities conducted within the school grounds. Traffic Safety Education Programs are implemented in Years P - 4 as part of the schools Health & Physical Education Program. When possible the school will enter a team into the local Bike Education competition. The team consists of students from Year 4, 5 & 6.

Camps & Excursions


Our Year 3/4 students and Year 5/6 students attend school camps each year. Camps include local experiences, challenge and growth development and urban / city experiences.


Excursions are organised by teachers to support and enhance the learning that is occurring in the classes. These may occur as individual groups or classes, combined classes or as a part of our rural cluster. Excursions are generally relatively local to our school.

Gardening / Cooking

Our Gardening Club is run by classroom teachers which is held on Fridays at lunchtime. Over several years, our Gardening Club has established numerous vegetable beds, a herb garden, an orchard, a citrus grove, a berry plantation, hen shed, composting bays, a worm farm and much more. Volunteers are always welcome to support this fabulous lunchtime activity.
Each fortnight voluteers work with a small group of students to cook some great healthy food, trying to use as much as the produce from our garden as possible.

Rural Schools Cluster

Our school combines with 7 other rural schools in the Sale area to form the Sale Cluster of Rural Schools. Airly PS, Bundalaguah PS, Cobains PS, Cowwarr PS, Loch Sport PS, Seaspray PS and Wurruk PS join Nambrok-Denison PS in the cluster. Together the 8 schools participate in staff professional development sessions, collaborative teacher planning, sporting events, incursions and excursions.


Our students particpate in combined rural schools sports days. There are combined Sports Events held for Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country. In addition to this regular sports sessions occur at school through the class programs and our involvement in the Sporting Schools program.


A Swimming Program is conducted at the Sale Aquatic Centre during Term 3 for the whole school. During Term 1, our Years 3 – 6 students participate in the Sale Rural Cluster Swimming Carnival.

Visiting Performers

Visiting Performers (incursions) are organised from time to time to support the learning that is occurring in the different classes. These may take place in the form of performances, or may also include student workshops.

Visual Arts

An Art specialist teacher takes all classes for Art lessons each week. A dedicated Art space with a new adjoining outdoor learning area is set up for students to utilise. The Sale Gallery support our Visual Arts program by providing specialised sessions from time to time and excursions and workshops at the gallery.